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Some of the films Chasestead are proud to have worked on

Some of our amazing film sets and props metalwork...

Bring us your film sets and props metalwork concept and we’ll bring it to life

The film sets and props metalwork used in film, TV or theatre production can sometimes become as iconic as the production itself. The UK has had a thriving film and TV industry for many decades and with the latest investment from companies such as Amazon, Netflix, and Warner Bros it’s set to continue.

As the industry grows so too does the need for professionally made sets and props. Productions are becoming increasingly sophisticated and technical, so the sets and props need to live up to the highest expectations of excellence in both production quality and the scrutiny of the viewing public.

Chasestead specialise in making bespoke sets, props, models, and replicas for the big and small screen and for the stage, theatre, artists, performers, and events. Nothing is too big, too small, too ordinary, or too bizarre for our team!

We turn the imagined into reality with precision, extraordinary craftmanship and attention to detail.

Our traditional skills combined with modern techniques mean that TV and filmmakers rely on Chasestead to produce unique, light, durable, moveable, and stunt-safe props, sets and elements for all types of productions.

Current clients include Warner Bros., Disney, Sky TV and North 1 TV. You can see our work in Guy Martin’s WWI Tank, the Men in Black films, Aquaman, and Fantastic Beasts plus the upcoming new release of The Flash.

Bespoke, extraordinary, and distinctive prop & set making

We can produce one-off unique pieces, or multiple identical copies at scale, in a range of materials with super high-quality finishes ready for their close up! We can also create metal artwork. We love being involved with creative metalwork.

Your creation can be made from steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, or plastic we will always advise on the best type of metal for the product you are wanting to create.

We can work from basic drawings, sketches, whole design concepts or complete storyboards to create CAD models and rendered images, allowing you to preview the finished article and refine the detail until you are 100% happy.

We’ll use our years of experience in the prop-making industry to advise you on which process and material is best suited for your set decoration or prop. We’ll then hand-finish the design to make sure the final article represents the visual illusion you want to create.

We can help you design and create any size of metal props from small daggers to massive chandeliers, tanks or even bigger if you want. You dream it and we can make it.

Also with our reverse engineering digital scanning facility we are able to take something that you have made before and we can recreate it for new production. We would love to show you how this works so please do start by checking out our reverse engineering page.

We are always happy to offer advice with no obligation.

Call us on 01462 480048 or email, bring us your idea, and let us show you the exciting possibilities of using our Film and TV Props and Set Production service.

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