Internal creative metalwork

Creative metalwork for interior design finishes that make powerful, architectural statements

Creative metalwork is all about creating sleek, clean, reflective lines has become a staple of modern interior design. Architects, building consultants and designers are always on the lookout for inspirational approaches to the interiors of a space, and internal creative metalwork is making serious inroads into commercial and residential building projects, as a stand-alone or complementary finish.

Interior metals add dimension and texture and can be the final flourish that makes a building unique, stand-out and eye-catching. The trend for interior metalwork has gone a long way toward banishing the perception that metal is cold, rigid, and inappropriate for inside use – quite the opposite, in fact. Interior metals can be used in many forms, with new finishes, coatings, and patterns available to suit diverse architectural styles. Plus they have a potential for upcycling that makes them a sustainable choice for commercial interiors.

Creative metalwork as a feature of your interior design

Chasetead has worked with many interior designers, contractors, architects, and joiners over the years in designing innovative and creative ways to use our metal finishes within commercial, educational, and high-end residential properties. Our interior creative metalwork reflects the sophistication expected by the occupants and users of these luxury spaces.


Our creative metalwork is versatile, durable, can be applied to multiple surfaces and customised to produce a particular look or style. Options include steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, and brass. Finishes can include anodising, chrome, paint, or powder-coating. They are suitable for use as interior cladding on wooden carcasses, or as decorative elements on wall panelling and other facades. Not to mention in balustrading, high-spec furniture, column covers, partitions, dropped ceilings, fixtures and fixings – often becoming the focal point within a space. Our pieces can be

Other advantages of using metalwork for interior design include:

  • Resistance to moisture – preventing colour changes
  • Easy to clean – meaning lower maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic – meaning no risks to health from mould, bacteria, and fungi
  • Good compatibility with other materials (wood, glass, textiles, stone, etc)

Chasestead’s expert team can help you produce the drawings and CAD from sketches, designs, or concepts, allowing you to bring your ideas to life – no matter how weird, wonderful, unique, or conventional your idea is. We will visit the site with you, advising you on the best way to manufacture and install your design. We have a skilled team of craftsmen who can turn your vision into a reality, working in a variety of materials including copper, brass, stainless steel, bronze, and aluminium. Each project is then managed by us from initial concept to installation, and beyond.

Call us on 01462 480048 or email, bring us your idea and let us show you the exciting possibilities of using our Interior Creative Metalwork service. We are always happy to offer advice with no obligation.


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