About Chasestead metalwork engineers

About Chasestead Metalwork Engineers

For nearly 60 years Chasestead metalwork engineers have been providing world class metalwork for prototypes and low volume pressings, tooling, folded and fabricated components.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, with a fast response to solving your queries/problems and supplying your parts in very short lead times.

Chasestead have unmatched experience in the manufacture of prototype and pre-production automotive under-structure components and assemblies. With all activities being undertaken under one roof there are huge benefits in quality and development speed that we can provide for your projects.

Our 42,000 sq.ft. factory enables us to support the largest of projects including automotive aluminium floors and complete chassis assemblies. A high level of security is maintained at all times to ensure designs are kept confidential. We are able to provide a “secure build area” should it be required for extra security.

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