CNC Tube Forming and Mandrel Bending

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Our state of the art Slalom CNC tube bender, the first one in the UK, allows us to seamlessly form tube into sweeps and bends with minimal tooling. This process offers excellent repeatability on even your most complex components.

CNC tube forming revolutionises manufacturing by creating precise and complex shapes from metal tubes.

This technology’s computer-controlled machines enable seamless bends, twists, and curves, enhancing productivity and reducing costs while ensuring high-quality results.

CNC Tube Forming Manipulation

We are able to manipulate all tube sizes up to 75mm diameter and any 3D shape you require can be formed using this process.

In addition, we also offer mandrel bending for forming tube when tight bends are required without kinking or ovalling.

With a large stock of tooling we are able to support you with short lead times and reduce your expenditure.

Your formed tubes can be trimmed on one of our lasers to ensure form and trim are aligned to within microns.

From automotive to aerospace, CNC tube forming drives innovation and efficiency in production.

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