Metal Pressing & Stamping

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Highest quality metal pressings and stampings 


Our highly skilled team  have a combination many years experience in the sheet metal industry, and highly qualified mechanical engineers providing you with an excellent knowledge base to tackle any requirement.

With many decades of experience you can benefit from our engineer’s expertise in metal presswork.

Sheet metal pressing, also known as metal pressing, is a versatile manufacturing process that involves shaping flat sheets of metal into desired forms. Stamped sheet metal is a common outcome of this technique, where intricate patterns and shapes are created through precise application of force.

Aluminium pressing and brass stamping are specific variations of sheet metal pressing, tailored to work with their respective materials. Another popular application is perforated sheet metal, which undergoes pressing to create patterns of small holes, enabling enhanced ventilation and filtration capabilities in various industries.

Unrivalled lead times

We offer a complete solution from design right through to manufacture. With an in-house toolmaking facility, we offer unrivalled lead times.

We work with a full range of latest materials ranging from deep drawing steels through high strength low alloy steels such as S460 to high grade Domex, Docol, CPW800 and dual-phase steels. We also produce many components in stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and inconel.

Our presses range from 50 tonnes up to 800 tonnes, with a bed size of 2500 x 1250 x 970mm stroke. Using computer-controlled accumulators we can simulate mechanical pressing speeds and trial your production process.

Highly cost-effective

By using deep drawing and multi-stage press processes we can achieve complex pressings. This range in capacity allows us to successfully support your needs and achieve the short lead times.

Your metal pressings and stampings can be supplied in either a pressed form or to a finished condition specified by you.

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