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The Reverse Engineering Process

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Chasestead’s Reverse Engineering Service

With enough time and resources, anything mechanical can be reverse engineered, and for any reason.

Reverse engineering is a process that extracts enough data from an existing component, part, or product, to then be able to reproduce that product. It may involve rendering the item just as a CAD drawing or going on to re-manufacture the product from scratch. It can be applied to any part or tool to determine how the components are put together and how it works, then recreating those components into working parts, tools, kit, or machines.

At Chasestead we have the skills and experience to reverse engineer almost any part, piece, tool, product, model, unit, or machine of any size from existing, scarce, or obsolete components. Through detailed analysis our engineers will reproduce the unit to rigorous quality standards, replicating the OEM specifications. If you no longer have the drawings for spares and replacement parts, or you just need one-off re-engineered components, talk directly to our engineers at Chasestead.

We can reverse engineer any part, any component, of any age

Our customers use our reverse engineering services for all sorts of reasons, and there’s nothing we haven’t seen or been asked to tackle.

For example, you may be at the early stages of a design or concept but don’t have the skills or software to create a CAD schematic. Or you’ve mislaid the original CAD drawings, documents, or product designs – or you never had them in the first place. Or you’re the inventor of a product but you can’t remember the steps you used to create it in the first place.

Or the component has been damaged or has parts missing. Even if the part or tool is in several pieces then you can still bring it to us. We’ll scan all the pieces, work out how to put it together again, then reverse engineer it back into its original form.

If you need to replicate a part and don’t know where to begin, Chasestead’s skilled designers have the expertise to reverse engineer it for you. Plus by understanding what goes into a product we may be able to recommend cheaper alternatives as replacement parts, saving you money. Many of our customers use our reverse engineering service to examine outdated quirks, vulnerabilities, or flaws in an older part, create a reliable CAD design for future reference, or simply as inspiration for new ideas or to innovate. We can also undertake redesigns or re-purposing of a product that’s no longer useful, improving upon the original design and giving it a new lease of life.

Call us on 01462 480048 or email, tell us what needs to be reverse engineered and let us show you what’s possible using our Reverse Engineering service. Feel free to just call us for a chat about what you need and see if we can sort out your issue. We are always happy to offer advice with no obligation.


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